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France made their entry into the international field of Football in 1903. The team, associated with the French Football Federation, goes under the nickname “Les Bleus” (The Blues) in France. Today, France’s football team offers a high level of competition in matches – but believe it or not, the team used to be very modest, one that some would consider an “easy game”. Their first international match was versus Belgium, and was a tie game. In 1930, France’s national team was one of the four initial teams from Europe that participated in the inaugural World Cup. Nonetheless, at that time, France’s team was still looked down upon as an easy defeat. In the mid 1950’s, France did see some mild success, for once not being at the bottom of the standings.

Their first true experience at being a huge success came at the end of 1984. From December of 1984 to April of 1985, France was ranked number one in the Elo ranking ยูฟ่าเบท categorization of football teams. This success was held out fairly well, and met another high point from May of 2001 to May of 2002, when the team from France sustained a FIFA ranking of number one; today, this number one FIFA ranking means more worldwide, as FIFA is an internationally recognizable organization.

Perhaps most memorable for many people is France’s win of the FIFA World Cup in 1998. Thirty two different teams, from five different confederations, competed through 64 matches. France won nearly every match that they competed in, and ended up taking the championship upon beating Brazil 0 to 3. Other awards given to the French football team during the 1998 FIFA World Cup include “Most Entertaining Team”, and the “FIFA Fair Play” Trophy. The Stadium that the French Football team usually plays at is the “Stade de France”, which was built in 1995 and opened during 1998. The construction of the stadium cost over 285 Million Euros. In fact, the stadium was built for the purpose of the 1998 FIFA world cup – it’s both ironic and fitting that France would win the world cup at their own stadium the year that it opened. After the World Cup, the Stade de France has continuously been used for various football events, although for the majority of the year, the stadium is empty. The majority of events that France’s team participates in at the Stade de France are won by the French team, partially owing to the home team advantage of having more frequent access to that field, as well as higher morale and support from the crowd.

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