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A lot of times in youth football, the defensive side of the ball is neglected. We suffered this problem my first year coaching youth football. It was an 8th grade team with about 15 kids and at least 5 or 6 real good athletes. Offense took priority, there was ALMOST no existing defensive unit time spent in practice and an average to less than average amount of spent on tackling.

Needless to say our offense was nearly unstoppable, and our defense was swiss cheese. We played in a much weaker league since we had so few athletes and throughout the regular season dominated teams with two to three times the amount of kids but maybe only half the talent we had. But talent doesn’t always translate to wins even at that level of football.

Throughout the year because of our defense being suspect vs well coached or experienced offensive attacks we had to make several adjustments with our personnel, because as you know, in youth football you need to be able to make GREAT adjustments otherwise you’ll get blown out of the แทงบอลออนไลน์ water by teams that might not be as good as yours.

One of the first adjustments we ever made was actually done before we got into league play. In youth football one of most dangerous and demoralizing plays is the sweep, pitch out, or toss play. If you can get an athlete out in space you have the chance to break one tackle or make one man miss and just outrun the whole team as opposed to running between the tackles where an offensive player must go through at least 3 levels of the defense. We decided to put one of our better, faster, stronger athletes out on the wide corner SPECIFICALLY to shut down the sweep and toss plays. It worked beautifully, because not only did we do a better job containing and demolishing outside runs before they got started but the “monster corner” picked off THREE passes in a 6 game season. Most of the interceptions where in the flats, which is AGAIN the most often attacked zone in youth football.

This strategy can work well for any youth team if you can afford to spare the athletes (which most teams should be able to, I hope you had more players sign up then we did, because practicing with 15 kids was TOUGH).

Here are some reasons why you should consider putting your best tacklers out on the “monster corner”

1. Vision and the ability to anticipate and make the play.

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