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The customized version of American Football is called Arena Football. The game is intended to be performed in basketball stadium. The sport is designed as quick-speed, high-scoring option to outdoor games. There are several regulations in the sport of arena football which are dissimilar from open-air football; however, the foremost remarkable dissimilarity is the smaller playing field. This sport is played in a field that is fifty yards with eight yards end zone. The playing field is just as spacious as the hockey rink.

The sport is famous for its padded walls that encircle the sports ground. The ramparts are particularly popular because there is a possibility for players to be knocked into the padded walls and since the fans are being seated straight at the back of the walls, frequently leaving them only some feet from the activitiesof the game.

The football game also features 2 large rebound nets in every end of the playing ground. The ball may be kicked or thrown off of the nets and will remain to be alive. The field-goals are ufabet เว็บแม่ just nine feet wide, which increase the possibility of missed goals that may be returned after bounding off the rebound net.

The arena football playing field is small, therefore, only eight players per team is allowed to play at a time. Majority of players play the defense and offense, although each team contains a defensive specialist and an offensive specialist who play just as an offensive or a defensive player. Players in the offense are allowed to move vertically, which give them the chance to start running on pass paths and help to add scoring.

Scoring in this sport is basically similar to that of the National Football League, same to majority on-field rules. Timing has a little difference since the timer keeps on running all through the game, then it ends after each first down within a few seconds to play. There is a one minute warning also instead of two minute warning. In arena football, punts are not permitted, since field goals may be tried anywhere in the field; the greatest potential attempt is about sixty four yards.

Overtime in this ball game is most the same as that of the college football game sport, however, with some dif

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