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Back in the olden days before the Internet and Music videos, families, friends, children, teens and adults would often get together for an evening or weekend afternoon of companionship, laughter playing the odd board game or play cards. Many occasionally played a game or two of table football, table hockey, air hockey, pool or whatever other table sport happened to be in the home. These games added fun and excitement to those boring Saturday afternoons, served as a great way of bonding between families and offered a way to level the sports playing field for those who lacked the bulk and size to play the real sports.

However, as times changed families began spending less time together and friends sought more expensive thrills outside one another’s homes. Table sports seemed to become a past time that would fade into history. Now, with less money to spend on outside entertainment and with more people choosing to entertain at home, table sports such as table football and table hockey have been making a big come back and an entire new generation is rediscovering these games and just how much fun staying at home can be. Here are just a few of the table ufabet มือถือ sports available that just might fit in with your family and friends interest and idea of fun.

Pool and Snooker

“Rack em up!” This phrase was and still is the call of competition in many corner pubs and bars, basements and wreck rooms around the country and around the world as competitors, friends, neighbors and even complete strangers challenged one another to the ever popular game of Pool and it’s somewhat lesser known counter part Snooker. These two games, not only were fun to play but, require skill, concentration and a steady hand as opponents use a cue stick and a cue ball to hit other balls into the four corner and two side pockets of a felt covered table. This game was and is so vastly popular that local bars formed pool leagues that competed with one another and big money could be had for those skilled enough to turn professional. For most of people however, pool provided a game where families and friends could get together have a great time and not only learn the skill of the game but, geometric angles and impossible angles as well!

Table Tennis

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